Tech Solution to Perfect Brew

WTN161024-42tea cube and smartphone2-slideshowSuccessfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign last month, 42tea is an innovative physical product and app combination that provides tea drinkers with the optimum preparation for any kind of tea.

WTN161024-42tea cube into potThe physical cube detects your tea choice and sends a message to the app, which, after you input the number of cups you want to make, gives you the recommended water and tea dosage. Toss the cube into the kettle (or saucepan) with the measured water, and the app will then notify you when it’s reached the correct temperature. When you’ve emptied your kettle into a teapot or mug, the cube feeds back to the app to let it know that steeping has begun. And the app will notify you exactly when to pour your tea for the very best brew.

The gadget recognizes more than 1500 varieties of tea, and knows the specific preparation instructions for every one.

Now in the production stage, the French/American company expects to make its first shipments (to its Kickstarter backers) in time for Christmas. It retails for $65.

Sources: 42tea, Kickstarter