Florapharm Tea USA

Florapahrm Tea USATea is more that just tea. The production of Florapharm tea takes place in our modern manufacturing facilities.  The aromatisation area and the classic area are strictly separated.

All devices utilized in the production are equipped with state of the art technology and are made exclusively of high quality stainless steel.  Great care is taken in the processing of teas.

The fresh incoming teas, raw herbs and fruit ingredients selected are tested after their arrival in our laboratories once again very thoroughly.  Only tested material are approved for further processing.

Here they are refined by our trained production personnel, i.e. blended according to own proprietary ingredients and techniques, aromatised, vitaminised or mineralized and packaged.

Advising, consulting and training our customers, is just as important to us as selling our teas.  Only the person who can judge the various qualities of tea is capable of making purchasing decisions that fit their needs.