Global Tea Championship 2018 Iced Tea Competition Results

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The Global Tea Championship’s 2018 Iced Tea Competition took place August 16 in Montebello, California. Three judges—Eliot Jordan, John Cullicott and Manik Jayakumar—tasted and evaluated the teas. Here are the results of the competition.

Green Straight
Silver: Farmer Brothers—Farmer Brothers Select Green Iced Tea
Bronze: Shangri La Tea Co. Inc.—Organic Green Tea

Black Straight
Gold: The Tea Smith LLC—Blue Mountain
Silver: Farmer Brothers—Farmer Brothers Island Medley Classic Black

Flavored White
Gold: La Crème Coffee & Tea—Blueberry White Tea

Flavored Green
Silver: The Tea Smith LLC—Green Goodness
Bronze: Shangri La Tea Co. Inc.—Organic Tropic Green Tea

Flavored Black
Silver: Teatulia—Watermelon Black
Bronze: Kai Organics—Texas Peach

Flavored Herbal
Gold: Kai Organics—Hibiscus Berry
Silver: The Tea Smith LLC—Hibiscus Cooler
Bronze: Shangri La Tea Co. Inc.—Raspberry Cooler

Blended Herbal
Bronze: Brew Lab Tea—Spring Trellis

Bag in Box
Black Straight
Bronze: Farmer Brothers—Farmer Brothers Black Unsweetened Iced Tea

Instant Powder
Green Straight
Bronze: Cusa Tea—Organic Green Tea

Matcha Straight
Bronze: Ito En (North America) Inc.—Matcha LOVE Unsweetened Single Serve Packets

Ready to Drink
Green Straight
Silver: Ito En (North America) Inc.—Oi Ocha Organic Unsweetened

Black Straight
Silver: Tejava/Crystal Geyser Water Co.—Tejava Original Black Tea

Flavored Green
Bronze: Teavana—Teavana Unsweetened Strawberry Apple Green Craft Iced Tea

Flavored Matcha
Bronze: Templar food Products—Maine Matcha Blueberry Blitz

Flavored Black
Bronze: Tejava/Crystal Geyser Water Co.—Tejava Raspberry Black Tea

Flavored Carbonated
Bronze: Teavana—Teavana Sparkling Unsweetened Peach Nectarine Green Craft Iced Tea

Flavored Cold Brew
Bronze: Try MY T, Gourmet Iced Tea—Try MY T, Gourmet Iced Tea

Flavored Herbal
Silver: Tea North Ltd.—Blueberry Rodeo

Sweetened White
Bronze: teaRIOT—tea RIOT Hibiscus Glow

Sweetened Black
Bronze: Templar Food Products—Patagonia Cold Brewed Black Tea

Sweetened Herbal
Bronze: Tea Tea and Company—Lemon Ginger Tea

Sweetened Carbonated
Bronze: Teavana—Teavana Sparkling Blackberry Lime Green Craft Iced Tea