6 Teas That Add Sparkle to the Holidays and Beyond

Carbonated tea, or sparkling tea, is ever increasing in popularity. Congruent to its popularity is an increasing number of carbonated teas produced by European, Canadian and American companies. This is a segment of the tea market from which retailers can benefit during the winter holiday season and beyond.

The RTD tea market has shown significant growth and it appears this trend is carrying over into the carbonated RTD tea market. Industry experts forecast growth of the carbonated ready-to-drink tea market at a compound annual growth rate of 9.24 percent from 2017 to 2021, according to 360 Market Updates. This growth is attributable to carbonated tea’s characteristics of having the physical characteristics of soda without the sugar, while also containing the antioxidants of tea. Soda’s high sugar content is known to cause weight gain. Sparkling tea has either a small amount of sugar or no sugar at all. Additionally, sparkling tea can be a substitute for champagne and other alcoholic beverages during the holidays for people who want to avoid the buzz but still want a fun beverage to sip.

Here is an array of sparkly options.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co.

Photo credit: sparklingtea.co

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Co. is based in the city of its namesake: Copenhagen, Denmark. The company produces organic low- and non-alcoholic sparkling teas and packages them in wine bottles, making them all the more fitting for a holiday gift or party. The company takes great pride in its process, as its teas are all made from a cuvee of teas, in the same vein as champagne. Its non-alcoholic flavor is called Bla, which has crisp notes of jasmin and Chamomile, and its two low-alcohol flavors are Gron, which has crisp notes of citrus and green tea, and Rod, which has crisp notes of hibiscus and red berries.




Green Lady Sparkling Tea

Green Lady Sparkling Tea proclaims itself to be the United Kingdom’s first sparkling tea. It is crafted with green tea leaves from Darjeeling, a region known for producing the “Champagne of tea.” This idea was the basis for the company’s concept of creating a sparkling tea. Carob, nutmeg and rose oil are added to the tea, but never any sugar. The result is a taste the company describes as “refreshing, floral and spiced.”


Lofbergs is headquartered in Karstad, Sweden. The company established itself as coffee roasters and coffee machine manufacturers and now produces its own line of canned sparkling green teas. The teas are organic and free of preservatives and have only 31 calories. Lofbergs’ inventive sparkling tea flavors are: Mint/Lime, Mango/Chili and Ginger/Lemon.



Sun-Rype Products is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Among its diverse product offerings is a line of sparkling teas. The canned teas are real brewed with a little sweetness and only 90 calories. Sun-Rype’s line has Black Tea with a Twist of Lemon, Black Tea Mango Peach, Green Tea Honey Lemon and Rooibos Tea Raspberry.

Sound Tea

Photo credit: soundtea.com

The founders of New York City-based Sound Tea, Tommy Kelly and Salim Najjar, believe minimalism is delicious. Sound Tea produces bottled certified Organic, non-GMO, unsweetened sparkling tea in five flavors: Chamomile, Green Tea, Rose Tea, White Tea and Yerba Mate. The teas do not have any preservatives. The company promotes the hashtag #LessIsEnough.

Sparkling Ice

Preston, Washington-based Sparkling Ice has a line of bottled sparkling teas that comes in the mainstream flavors of Lemon, Peach, Raspberry and Half & Half. The teas are sold in plastic bottles, so they are great for people with active lifestyles who want to drink their sparkling tea on-the-go.