Blueberry White Tea Wins Gold

Irving, Texas-based La Crème Coffee & Tea’s Blueberry White Tea stood out in the recent Global Tea Championship’s Iced Tea Competition in Montebello, California. The tea was awarded a gold medal in the Flavored White Iced Tea category with a score of 90 on a 100-point scale.

Samantha Hamilton, director and sales manager at La Crème, and the owner’s daughter, said, “We were thrilled that it won. Personally it’s one of my favorites.”

Judges described the tea as “outstanding” and with a “really good taste.” When evaluating the teas, three judges considered the quality of the leaves, the color of the brewed tea’s liquor, as well as its aroma and flavor.

La Crème has earned several Global Tea Championship awards in the past and as with the company’s other notable teas, there is a story behind how the Blueberry White Tea came into existence.

Hamilton’s inspiration for creating the blend of white tea, blueberries and other flavors came from her mother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Hamilton, who had studied tea and herbs through the Specialty Tea Institute and the World Tea Academy, said, “I did some research because I didn’t want her drinking anything that could harm her or interfere with the chemotherapy or radiation.”

White tea’s antioxidants and other health benefits appealed to Hamilton who also wanted her mother to avoid beverages high in sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

La Creme Blueberry White Tea; photo credit:

The Blueberry White Tea is now one of 14 teas in La Crème’s functional loose-leaf tea collection.

“We are very passionate about the health benefits of teas and we are constantly in research and development mode here at La Crème Coffee & Tea,” Hamilton said. “We believe that the whole world should know about our healthy teas!”

Several proprietary tea blends have established the company’s reputation. The Peach Ginger Detox Tea won first place in 2010 in the hot tea category and is sold at Pie Five restaurants across the United States. The Devon’s Heaven blend, which aided her son, who suffers from allergies, is sold around the world receiving positive reviews.

The teas and botanicals used in the blends are sourced from China, Taiwan, and Japan and through brokers such as G.S. Haley, H.B. Thompson, Q Trade Teas and Herbs.

Hamilton recommends tea purveyors research and focus on the health benefits of tea and share that knowledge.

She has proven that functional teas can taste great, too.