Diabetes and Tea: Preventive Measures

As rates of diabetes rise, it is critical to look at lifestyle changes that can offer some protection against the disease. New research from Diabetologia suggests that tea and other sugar-free beverages can play a role.

WTN140616_ART_GreenTeaThe recently released study shows that eliminating a single serving of sugar-based beverages (such as soda, sweetened milk, and possibly juice) a day with non-sugary options like tea, coffee or water, can reduce Type 2 diabetes risk by 25%.

The study included more than 25,000 people ages 40-79 in the United Kingdom. They completed 7 day food diaries and were studied for more than 10 years. Those who substituted a non-sugary beverage for the sweeter version had a lower risk of developing diabetes. They also looked at both tea with sugar and without and found that tea with no sugar contributed to lower risk but tea with sugar did not.

Further research about connections between diabetes and tea are sure to follow.

SOURCE: News Everyday and Diabetologia