International Tea Sippers Society: More Than a Beverage

The International Tea Sippers Society has developed a clever new means of inviting tea drinkers to become specialty sippers.


Babette Donaldson

Nationally known book author Babette Donaldson is producing 15-minute audio recordings relating the personal stories of tea people “who demonstrate great diversity in the industry.”

“Not just the best known and most beloved, but also those working behind the scenes to enhance the opportunity tea lover’s to broaden their experiences and their understanding,” she explains.

Tearoom owners, importers, writers, educators, online retailers, growers and manufacturers, antique dealers, fine dining establishments with high quality tea service, all have something to contribute to our message that tea is “More Than a Beverage,” said Donaldson.

Guest include: Amy Lawrence, Faith Ann Bailes, tea adventurer Dan Robertson and horticulturalist Michael Fritts.

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“Our goal is to make every piece of content we provide for members support the idea that tea is not just the brew we sip. In this way, every Sipper is drawn into the relationship for different reasons. It’s not superficial to say that tea has ‘something for everyone,’” she said, “This is an incredible truth that we want to demonstrate.”

Donaldson created a Pinterest Board to increase the visibility along with postings to Facebook and LinkedIN. The podcasts will be available on iTunes as well as some podcasting directories.

Donaldson, who founded the Society, describes it as an online festival, membership community for tea drinkers – people who have a personal identity with tea.

“Like a festival, there are opportunities to discover new resources and to enjoy the way that sharing tea helps us understand who we are,” she said.

The society maintains a business directory, event listings, extensive educational materials for tea drinkers and those in the business of retailing tea. Members are warmly welcomed, individual sippers pay $25 per year and businesses can join for $50, said Donaldson.

Source: International Tea Sippers Society