Snigdha Manchanda

Snigdha Manchanda, founder and Tea Sommelier of Tea Trunk, has always been consumed by her love for tea. Having grown up collecting teas from around the world, including Russia, Taiwan and Kenya; Snigdha collected more than 100 exotic and rare teas in her father’s old trunk for over a decade which later became the inspiration for the name of her tea company, Tea Trunk.

A trained Tea Taster, Snigdha specializes in creating hand-blended teas. She obtained her certificate as a Tea Sommelier in 2011 from the Tea Sommelier Academy in Sri Lanka where she was trained by the well known Tea Master, Nao Kumekawa, from Japan. On her tea trails, she has tasted and profiled more than 2000 varieties of teas.

Snigdha attended New Business Boot Camp (NBBC) in June 2012 and in June of 2013, she launched her line of signature teas at Tea Trunk. She values the learnings from boot camp and found them very useful.

The mission of Tea Trunk is to provide the finest teas from India: whole-leaf, flavorful and with all the health benefits intact. Snigdha has hosted a number of Tea Appreciation Workshops, Basic and Advanced. These workshops have been designed by her, embracing Tea’s nuances both as a science and art. The workshops are not only to educate one on tea but also for one to adopt tea as a lifestyle and not as beneficial dietary substance. The following are included in workshops:

  • Understand tea history and tea production
  • Experience the fine art of tea appreciation
  • Create tea and food pairings
  • Dismiss the many myths associated with tea.
  • Study different flavour profiles of tea
  • Learn to brew the perfect cup of tea

SnigdhaSnigdha is closely associated with a number of tea estates in Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiri regions. She visits often to share her feedback, tasting ratings and her knowledge with the managers from the tea estates. Having realized the potential of the tea market, she has created 6 signature tea blends through her passion and understanding of Indian teas. Her story of tea comes alive through not only each unique flavor of tea but also through the fun packaging of tea tins.

Uniquely crafted tea blends, tea parties, styling tea events, food and tea pairing are additional feathers in Snigdha’s hat. She offers a lot more than just her signature tea blends but an entire bouquet of tea experiences like guided tea tastings, Chai Walk and more.

To culminate her offerings for tea lovers, Snigdha is gearing up to launch Mumbai’s first tea room, named Tea Trails. Tea Trails hopes to revolutionize the tea scene and offers tea lovers a wholesome tea experience.

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