Tracing Ringtons Tea Buyer’s Journey in the Past


The great, great granddaughter of Ringtons Tea tycoon is sharing installments of his travel diary online with the public 76 years to the day.

Ringtons Tea founder Samuel Smith set sail for India in 1935 with his son Mac to buy tea. His travels and predicaments describe an era long past.

Ringtons TeaThe journey lasted three and a half months. On his return to England in February 1936, he concluded that the 24,000 mile trip “was a wonderful experience – very interesting and highly educational, but very strenuous for a man of my age.”

Sam’s handwritten anecdotes were rediscovered 15 years ago, by his great, great granddaughter, Sarah Holmes, while she was gaining work experience at the family business during the summer after she had taken her GCSE exams, in 1995.

She told the Sunday Sun that she is posting each entry on the date it was composed 76 years ago.

Sarah explains: “The diary entries aren’t every day but there are 85 in total, some just a few lines, some a few paragraphs.

To follow the adventure, visit: Ringtons Tea & Coffee

Source: Sunday Sun