New Product Award Winners

Every year, the World Tea Expo awards producers of innovative new products. These are this year’s New Product Award Winners.

Innovative Packaging
Novel tea product packaging judged on cleverness or uniqueness, representing new design improvements and / or use of novel materials.
Winner: JusTea

Products created to sweeten, or otherwise enhance enjoyment of tea; honey, special sugars, citrus, milks, flavorings for home use.
Winner: Bee Seasonal LLC

Sustainable Packaging
Environmentally conscious packaging; compostable, recycled/recyclable, biodegradable, non-petroleum inks, etc.
Winner: Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Tea Infused Food
Any type of food enhanced with addition of tea; baked goods, confections, novel consumables.
Winner: Eat More Tea

Publications & Books
Tea-centric books, magazines, newsletters, manuals, tea-related teaching and training materials.
Winner: Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea

Tea Brewing (Electric & Manual)
Device that Brews & Dispenses Tea Including English or Asian-style teapots, gaiwans, polycarbonate brewers, press-pots, cold brewers, etc.

Tea Gifting, Special Promotions
Tea products packaged and promoted for use as gifts and special promotions: Tea Gift Sets, Holiday Themes, Special Events.
Winner: ITO EN

Tea Accessories
Includes strainers, tea balls, tea socks, bags, infusers, tea tools, gong fu accessories, teabag squeezers, tongs, timers, teabag rests, canisters. This category is exclusively for items that assist in the brewing or serving of tea but you do not drink from them.
Winner: T-Sac/Aqua Select USA Ltd.